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1ST TOPIC:  Investing in a group and utilizing selfdirected  IRA's

I want to come back to this when time permits and expand on the concept and how it might work. Here are some crude notes

A) the working mans retirement accounts have been HIT!! as well are most of ours off from 2002 -04 levels. very simply put you stick 25k into a single family( not my first choice) at 750 a month rent and run the ROI. in this set up markets go up and down ..the need for shelter is constant.

B) Ulitilizing a tax free vehicle even with 25% vacancy a steady 12% Is a home run in  our book. so why dont more do it?  obvious answers lack of knowledge and lack of investment vehicle

C) can it be done and simply? the self directed part the answer is yes i will research and get some links up of companies well versed in it. we dont have experience directly with them so its purely objective but follow the rules keep YOUR hands off and it isnt rocket science( ok it is). 

D) so what if i dont want to go the IRA method and want to pay cash? My thoughts are this WE outline the objective and buy. You take a hands off aproach to the rehab  we get his to market quickly and turning a profit

So here a good point to stop and leave you with a thought and our possible concept to this if we utilized a rent to own concept to remove the vacancy factor(or at least reduce it) it also reduces the management hastles. Do credit councelling schedule 6 month interval updates slip them intop a FHA in 3 yrs at retail( market value determined by appraisal at closing less 10% sweat equity) utilizing the rough numbers above the investor could see a check for 35,000 or better depending on area  or   go long with a 25 unit bldg and return 150k a year to the group??? all with in a tax free enviroment    email us your thoughts and interest



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