The intention of this paqes is to share with you knowledge and sites we have found over the years! It does not cost a forture to have the Presense of a larger well established firm.  Especially with the first few. There is abosolutely no reason not to click, link and sign you will thank us



First off is what we here refer to as our communications assistant. If you called us you used it. We utilized a vesion of this in 1992 and cant begin to place a dollar figure to it. I will touch on some of them

This is a toll free virtual pbx(Auto attendant) it costs you 19.95 a month. You will save it alone on cell phone bills,lost phone numbers. Be your vision today a "flipper' or landlord

This system from day one gives your potential clients the appearance of a large well established office. you recieve 50 money making/saving features that make you much more productive and make you more money

Your virtual assistant cost 240.00 a year doesnot take day off and doesnt need a raise

it is toll free voice and fax( if you have never used an e fax this is the easiest to use i have ever found) it has fax on demand, it will showcase properties 24/7, it will send out rent applications 27/7.It will track all your ads and instantly show you where your ad dollare are waisted and well spent. it has CALL CAPTURE. every one that asks for a property listing of rental app has thier phone numbers captured for your recall. It has the ability to turn voice mails to emails it can forward calls to your cell when you want and send them to voicemail when you are in a closing. It is fully intergrational with outlook. This require NO expensive phone systen works very well withyour home phone or cell phone  step 1 click the link now


Second is some what of a radical idea to land lords and investors, process ALL you income thru a Visa and mastercard portal I will furnish this to you absolutley free

this web based portal is a financial tool that manages my money for me. It collects all my rents for me on the 1st,15th what ever day you establish. I have a printed repost the very next day of just my problems to which they get addrerssed quickly. It evens allows me to set up weekly or bi wekly paymenst once and forget it. It contains a complete marketing platfrom from which i point and click rent increases, referal programs and the like. I process 75,000 a month  thru it it costs me $1500 a month for the piece of mind. Price a collection dept and see what i mean. Now heres why starting out from day one this is a MUST HAVE. you are going to need money , repairs, downpayments, cash sale I will set you up with the ability to have a line of credit not based upon your credit score but soley based upon the monthly flow of that account. Process 25,000 a month you have at your fingertips 25,000.00. No tax returns no first born no 740 credit score as a retired wholeasle banker believe me when I tell you run dont walk from those guys get your self INDEPENDANT

Once again its totally free to sign up and the advantages stated above will have you tell all your investor friends


unless you buy the following from your wifes brother in that case you know your over paying, I have 1` question for you

if you are overpaying 30% how would you know? take a moment and get the right info

Need to save money on things like car  insurance try the site below

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save money on your next mortgage

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health insurance is a big expense for us all it doesnt hurt to stay on top of this

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