We will help you buy your home or your next investment CORRECTLY.


 In the next several pages are enough properties and information to make you very comfortable, if not infact wealthy. It is no secret that the addage buy low and sell high applies easily to real-estate, but proceed cautiously , some markets should be viewed as renters markets ONLY! Others are seeing some increase in fact upswing in the market and once again investors are speculating this is a good sign. Regardless of your goals ( and they should be clearly defined), we can be a tool for you to attain those goals in the time you have alloted. Bottom line~ as a team we can succeed.

About Us

We are a group of individuals with interests in real estate  just like you. Investors,Builders, Bankers, Speculators, Flippers and collectively there really isn't a situation we haven't faced.YOU NEED TO USE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Our relationships allow us to get to portfolios, that you might not have access to. Upon formulating clearly defined goals and communicating those with us, we can then make you aware of opportunities that fit your strategies. This is a buyers market so rule number one- be prepared and get your financing portfolio in place so you are ready to purchase NOW. This is one thing we WILL ask you to provide verification of, as we need to be sure, as we share our contacts and markets, you indeed are prepared to close.  Contact us so you can begin taking advantage of this market and increase your bottom line. 


We are NOT realtors, although we do co operate with brokers and cheerfulyl pay commisions. In most cases we own the property and are selling to you AS IS. In some instances we will locate the asset manger with the property, close(pay cash) and then sell to you. This is utilized when it is imperitive that cash be used NOW and you required 30 days to complete your financing. We can aslo assits the novice investor wanting to get in the game but has no or little construction experience. Time is money, the wrong subcontractor can eat up your profit quickly. We can provide you with a project manager that for a flat fee ( usually 500-1500 per month) can oversee and guide you to a quick and profitable sale or move in day


"We have viewed more wholesale opportunites in 3 days with you than in the last 4 months conventionally"........JM, New Baltimore

"I was somewhat skeptical that I could get a REO on contract but 22 days later and we start demo in Monday".....Steven, Miami

"thanks again James saved us 10,000 by reviewing our rehab plans, best 500 we spent" Tom and Stacy V,Novi Michigan


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